Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is code embedded into a website that links visitors’ onsite behavior to Facebook user profiles. This sync between a website visitor and their Facebook account enables the social media platform to retarget those individuals with relevant ads. Additionally, it can be used to track the actions individuals take when they return to the website.

Create + Retarget to Custom Audiences

Facebook already has a ton of targeting options, but adding the pixel code in turn adds remarketing to the mix. Also known as remarketing, retargeting lets you create a Custom Audience of users that have already interacted with your organization. 

Create Lookalike Audiences

lookalike audience is a group of users that are similar (in traits or behaviors) to another audience. Targeting a lookalike audience helps you reach people that are most likely to be interested in what you’re offering. The Facebook pixel lets you target users that share similar traits as your Facebook fans, your website visitors, or even visitors on specific pages of your website.

Optimize Ads for Conversions

Most people know how to find the keywords that bring visitors to their sites from search engines. But how would you like to go beyond that to find out what visitors are searching once they are on your site?